Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Belfort Instrument Company designs and manufactures an array of equipment for military, aviation, and industrial uses. With a long history of innovation and dependability in meteorological instruments, Belfort Instrument Company is a trusted name for measurement devices and systems. The company’s slogan, which holds great importance, is “The Standard of Measurement.”

One of the latest advancements pioneered by Belfort Instrument Company is the DigiWx Automated Weather System. Released in 2000, this system is a critical component in airport safety. Through wireless transmission equipment, DigiWx is capable of relaying important data to ground personnel and pilots with the speed needed to achieve optimum security. Belfort Instrument Company developed the comprehensive system based on the knowledge that accurate and timely weather information dramatically improves aviation safety.

With a similar focus, Belfort Instrument Company also produces the Runway Visual Range system. The aim of this system is to provide pilots, ground crew, and other personnel with accurate data on runway visibility conditions. It utilizes proprietary software, an ambient light sensor, a runway light interface, and the Model 6000 sensor to gather and transmit crucial visibility information. Belfort Instrument Company provides the Runway Visual Range system to airports across the country.

In addition to products designed specifically for the aviation industry, Belfort Instrument Company also provides relevant equipment for military, government, and industrial needs. The Automated Surface Observing System program was developed by the company to provide detailed and thorough weather observations. The system is sponsored by the National Weather Service, the Department of Defense, and the Federal Aviation Administration. It was also used in early attempts to map the surface of the moon. Additionally, Belfort Instrument Company is the supplier for various components of the U.S. Air Force OS-21/FSB fixed-base airport weather system.

These innovations have occurred over 135 years since the establishment of Belfort Instrument Company in 1876. Focused primarily on meteorological instruments in its infancy, the company grew to provide array of equipment. Belfort Instrument Company continues to be a leader in the industry, providing reliable and quality products.


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